[Photography 2]: The Igloo Greenhouse

If you know me even kind of, then you know I form emotional attachments to the oddest things. Cute tea towels. Presh zombies. Etc.. Advertisements

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[Photography 1]: Recent Shots

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten my sweet Penelope out and about. Instagram has taken over, and let’s face it… my phone is way easier to cart around than … Continue reading

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[Craft 2] Organization Board

So, I made this organization board. It’s technically a sketch board, but is there anything better than a nice repurpose? I used tape to paint a geometric design in my … Continue reading

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25 in 25 before 25

I turned 25 recently, and did 25 fun things to celebrate in the 25 days leading up to it.

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A Soapbox on Soapboxes

So as a single woman in her mid-twenties with an affinity for fashion, I have two soapboxes that have developed over the years: marital status and modesty. Both are sparked … Continue reading

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[Meal 1]: Igloo Oscar Party

I’m totally obsessed with throwing awards show parties. It doesn’t happen every awards show or every year, but they are some of my favorite events. This year, my presh friend … Continue reading

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[Craft 1]: Honeycomb Tapestry

So in an endeavor to diminish my recent netflix/hulu addiction, I have decided the best course of action is to engage in more creative pursuits. To keep myself in check, … Continue reading

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No[t much] Nostalgia Here

This may be the most awkward time of year. Everything is about looking back at the past year and making plans for the next. I’ve participated in the reminiscing just as … Continue reading

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Friday List: Christmas Pressies for Those Who Love Office Supplies

Another title for this list is “Buy This Stuff for Jacki” 1. Date Stamp I’m obsessed with date stamps, and this one with the cute crystal handle makes my heart … Continue reading

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These kittens can’t resist ranunculus and to be honest, neither can I. Sasha is obviously the more delicate investigator of the two though. 😂 In full on adult mode lately and it kind of sucks but it’s also ok. Kitten hugging it out. Cooking with this monster rosemary tonight. Spokane is looking mighty fine today. We have a lovely little view that’s made all the better by having more sunlight. 🌞 OKC! We’re coming your way in TWO weeks and we’re so excited to revisit our favorites. Pupcat just wanted to be held all day yesterday. I think I’m ready for motherhood. #chestergetsintoeverything #cozyquarterhouse I can’t seem to kick whatever germ has taken over, so I’m spending one more sick day on finishing up my Harry Potter marathon and loving on this cute little painting nook I set up the other day. #cozyquarterhouse I haven’t had a huge desire to read over the last few months, but I finally finished my trudge through the Handmaid’s Tale so I started Lincoln in the Bardo last night. It’s a weird one but I like it! I’m obsessed with this ridiculous cat. #chestergetsintoeverything