Friday List: Christmas Pressies for Those Who Love Office Supplies

Another title for this list is “Buy This Stuff for Jacki”

1. Date Stamp

I’m obsessed with date stamps, and this one with the cute crystal handle makes my heart go pitter pat.

2. Chef’s Pencils

This gratifies both my love of office supplies and my love of cooking. Plus, the cute muslin bag would be great to repurpose.

3. Pantone Coffee Cups

I think my heart stopped beating for a minute after I saw the price of these puppies. But still so perfect!

4. Custom Book Stamp

You can even customize the author’s names on the books.

5. A Pretty Binder

6. Moleskine Planner

I love my red moleskine, and being able to have it in a daily planner form would make me so so so happy.

7. Spectacle Sticky Notes

8. Down to Business Pens

There are few writing occasions that do not benefit from the Pilot Precise.

9. Le Happy Pens

Precious precious precious.

10. The Largest Binder Clip Everrr


An office supply website where you can shop by color

More rubber stamps and even a message in a bottle kit

An entire blog about pens

Happy Shopping!


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