[Craft 1]: Honeycomb Tapestry

ImageSo in an endeavor to diminish my recent netflix/hulu addiction, I have decided the best course of action is to engage in more creative pursuits. To keep myself in check, I’ll write a weekly blog post about whichever project I take on. It’ll rotate between crafting, cooking, and photography, with a freebie week to do whatever. Project #1 is a DIY wall tapestry… 


In general, I’m trying to keep my room light and uncluttered, meaning lots of white and cream. I wanted something  decorative with a larger scale for this wall, so I decided to create a wall tapestry. Here’s how it happened:



5″ plastic hexagon (or shape of your choice)

foam sheet

full sized flat sheet

acrylic paint (1-3 colors)

First, I spread out the sheet on a flat surface, layering plastic under so the paint wouldn’t bleed through. Then I used the grid to scale down the hexagon to a more workable size, and traced and cut the shape out from the foam sheet. I cut out one for each color of paint. Image

ImageImageFor this project, I used pure gold and metallic champagne paint colors on  a cream sheet.


I squeezed a light amount of paint on a piece of plastic, then smooshed the stamp around the plastic, getting the entire surface of the stamp coated. Then I twisted the stamp around the plastic, which helped to distribute the paint better and lend a more weathered effect.ImageImageImage

Finally, I pressed the stamp into place, paying special attention to the edges. For the honeycomb effect, I staggered the rows.

It helped to work in small sections, completing 2-3 columns before moving over.  I used gold as the dominate color, sometimes using the stamp two or three times before reloading with paint. Image

This is the (possibly) finished product. I have yet to decide if I’ll fill in the rest of the space, or if I’d rather hang it vertically to eliminate that awkward space at the bottom. But I’m loving the effect so far!ImageImage

Cost: <$10 for the sheet, $5 for paint, <$2 for foam/stencil

Total: Around $17 and 3-4 hours of work


Whatcha think?

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