25 in 25 before 25


I turned 25 recently, and did 25 fun things to celebrate in the 25 days leading up to it. 

Like this…

And this…IMG_20130515_210340

And had an awful lot of coffee…IMG_20130515_083223 IMG_20130511_111931 IMG_20130502_140653

And got this girl married.

On my actual birthday, I decided to be Taylor Swift and feel 22. So I ditched the whole scene (left work early to snag a birthday cookie)


Got some good birthday pressies..

Had breakfast at ‘midnight’… or 8:30…IMG_20130522_211332 IMG_20130524_211703

But the whole while, I dreamed of having a nautical birthday party. I was going to wear a dress with boats on it, and we were going to take a boat ride, and it was going to be wonderful. In the end, it didn’t happen… But if it had, imagine receiving this invitation in the mail. It would have been in an envelope with a sticker on the back that said “Hey, Sailor.”

hey sailor

Wonderful, right? Maybe someday.


Whatcha think?

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