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Friday List: Christmas Pressies for Those Who Love Office Supplies

Another title for this list is “Buy This Stuff for Jacki” 1. Date Stamp I’m obsessed with date stamps, and this one with the cute crystal handle makes my heart … Continue reading

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Friday List: Embarrassment

Current obsessions that I’m ashamed of, yet have no desire to curb:

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Friday List: Orange Power

In honor of America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration, here’s a list of my favorite (brightest) orange. 

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Friday List: A List of Ingredients

Today, I’m going to share one of the cookie recipes I have modified from Ghiradelli.

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Friday List: Notes to Self

1. You actually really love Criminal Minds. Mostly because of Matthew Gray Gubler, and second mostly because of Shemar Moore. Watch an episode soon.

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Friday List: Adventures as a Substitute Teacher

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the sub? Well, I’m going to divulge our biggest secrets. 1. We don’t get paid enough to put up with your … Continue reading

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Friday List

This week’s list: Top Ten Five Actors(ish) I’d Want to Cryogenically Preserve to Keep Them From Getting Old and Yucky Looking On top of a functioning cryogenic theory, I’m also going to … Continue reading

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Friday List: GRE Vocab Game

Since my GRE is quickly approaching, let’s play a game. Match the synonyms!

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Friday List: What I’ve Been Doing

I keep getting questions about what I am up to since I made the decision in June not to intern at UofA. Here’s a list outlining my post-grad life:

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