[Meal 1]: Igloo Oscar Party


I’m totally obsessed with throwing awards show parties. It doesn’t happen every awards show or every year, but they are some of my favorite events. This year, my presh friend Beka and I co-hosted at my little Igloo apartment.


We knew we wanted to serve fresh fruit, cheese, bread, and wine. So we went to Whole Foods and wandered the aisles and just went with what looked fresh and delicious. We ended up enamored by the different types of apples with names like Jazz, Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, and my personal favorite: Piñata! Pictured is also a bosc pear, which didn’t get much love from us. We found still-warm baguettes and fresh croissants, then ambled to the cheese section. We picked up the kilaree cheddar, which was not for the faint of heart, a standard gouda. And what self respecting nerd can resist Einstein cheese? Our meal was rounded out with Beka’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, an almond and sea salt dark chocolate impulse buy, and a huge(!) bottle of wine that had lived untouched in my fridge for a couple of months.




My favorite part of the meal might have been the presentation. I used a sharpie and cute washi tape to label types of cheese and apples arranged on a cutting board.

ImageWe each cast our votes as the category was introduced. Such a rush of adrenaline to pick a winner in the 5 seconds after “and the Oscar goes to…” Aubrey held the lead from pretty early in the show, but Chelsea came so close! It was such a fun little gathering.

– A  little about why I’m doing a rotating series each week, and craft #1


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