Day 1

As a sub, most days are like first days for me. Different school, different teacher, different kids every day. It is getting more routine with time, as I start spending more time at fewer schools and getting to know the students.

But this post isn’t about that. This is about a real first day, full of getting locked out of the office containing my cubicle and attempting to track down a mouse for my computer.

Yessir, you read that right. I have a cubicle (it’s huge) and a computer (possibly functioning). No phone, but I’m definitely okay with that. Office phones freak me out. And I have file folders and a few office supplies and actual work to do.

So, I guess I can tell you now… I have an internship! It is with Oklahoma Art in Public Places, located in the Oklahoma History Center. I am going to be writing educational resources to go along with the public art that has been created because of this program. Even though today only consisted of reading up on program guidelines and doing a little research into other public art teaching resources, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to love this. Gleep!

And have I mentioned the sweet parking?


Whatcha think?

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