Friday List: Embarrassment

Current obsessions that I’m ashamed of, yet have no desire to curb:

1. How badly I want to see Monte Carlo.

I can’t explain it; I have no interest in any of the actors, the plot seems awful and trite… Yet I definitely set a Redbox reminder so I can snatch it up as soon as it is available to rent.

2. My love of DVR

I really love recording tv shows. There is something fabulous about being able to record anything and watch it at whatever point in the future. I tend to be super cautious, recording anything I might be even remotely interested in. Sorry, fam. I’m sure I’ll get around to watching Nightmare Before Christmas sometime before Christmas. And I promise that I’ll watch the 18 episodes of Bones sometime soon. And about all those NGW shows about spiders and hippos… I’ll get those out of the way, too. Really soon. I’ll clear out the queue. Eventually. Promise.

3. Not Exercising.

Sure, I have a goal. Sure, I want to be healthy. Sure, I’d like to fit in my pants again. But why the heck can’t sitting in front of a tv be a workout? Le sigh.

4. Rereading Twilight

This recent obsession began when Roommate and I watched the first two movies the other day. (Another guilty pleasure.) I’m trying to balance out every few chapters of Twilight with a few chapters of Les Miserables. You know, so I can still be a little classy and refined.

My favorite thing is to read the books but use a different actor than Kristen Stewart, because, you know, she is awful.

Imagine one of these actresses as Bella Swan. Wouldn’t that have been wonderfully less awkward?

I take no issue with Robert Pattinson. He’s almost as awful as Kristen Stewart, but he makes up for it with his handsome features.

5. Coming up with a witty status/tweet, and not getting any feedback.

No replies, no retweets. C’mon! I was clever!

6. How many pictures of my dog are currently on my phone.

60% of them. Ridiculous.  But look how cute!

7. I ironed my pillow cases last night.

Is that normal, or should I seek professional help?

8. I can’t actually watch American Horror Story, but I obsessively follow its progress on HelloGiggles.

I got about 30 minutes into  the first episode before I had to give up completely… But I was still intrigued by the story line. So glad that I can get a recap without actually having to watch it. Call me Scaredy Cat, I don’t care.

Here are the most recent recaps on HG:

Episode 1 : Pilot

Episode 2 : Home Invasion

Episode 3 : Murder House

This is the short list of my shame. If I wrote them all down, it would take much longer… So don’t mock me too much, at least to my face.

Have a good weekend!


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