Friday List: Notes to Self

1. You actually really love Criminal Minds. Mostly because of Matthew Gray Gubler, and second mostly because of Shemar Moore. Watch an episode soon.

2. Remember to pull cookies out of the oven when they are still a little gooey. Crunchy cookies are alright, but who can turn down a pillowy soft cookie?

3. Either take off on Fridays or limit yourself to working at high schools. Middle school kids are cray-cray.

4. You never know when a new opportunity may pop up. Keep your resume(s) up to date and ready to toss in the mail.

5. Movies like this will probably make you want to die.

6. It is always a good idea to have a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls stashed on the dvr.

7. New Girl and Glee won’t be on until the baseball shenanigans are over.

8. Gus is not allowed in the front yard until she can figure out that the backyard is a suitable place to do her “business.”

9. Always pronounce strange names phonetically, cause you’ll be right 93% of the time and earn that person’s respect.

10. Get new Sperry’s. Yours look awful. (Speaking of, apparently Sperry’s also give instructions on how to tie a barrel tassel knot.)

3 of my favorite pins from this week:

Chemistry cat:

Hi Hat cupcakes:

DIY pearl collar necklace: 

Have a great weekend!

ps- fun game: cheese or font?


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