Breaking Free

I had a problem.

I’ve had this certain little sweater for 11 months now. A lovely friend and I trekked all the way down to Austin last November, and had made our way to the Buffalo Exchange, rumored to be a thrifting Mecca.

 Yes, that’s a H&M sweater for less than $8. The problem? I’ve never worn it. Not for lack of interest, but because of this dratted security device.

I considered taking it to a department store to see if they could get the ink tag off, but found that many stores use other types of tags.. This one seemed a little more unique.

Finally, upon rediscovering it while cleaning out my closet in an attempt to further my foray into minimalism, I decided to try removing it on my own. This is the Age of Internet, after all. Google surely has something to say about this issue.

There are all kinds of methods out there. Some involve rubber bands, some flat screwdrivers, and others a lighter. Pyromaniac that I am, I decided to go with the lighter. Theory goes that if you melt the top of the non-ink side, it reveals a pin. The pin has to be pulled up, and then the device will break apart.

How these things work... generally.

And the theory was correct. It took me all of a minute. And now, especially with the weather cooling off, I have a wonderful new sweater to debut soon.

It does get me thinking, though, about all the other inktags I have in my life. Little things that hold on to me, and I onto them, for fear of spilling the ink, of ruining things permanently. Here’s hoping that I can find the courage to overcome the perceived risk. Here’s hoping I can break free.

And since I finally reclaimed the sweater, can I go back to Austin now?  Please? I need more moments like these:

Although if it’s okay with you, I’d rather not go back to purple hair. *shudder*


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