Friday List: What I’ve Been Doing

I keep getting questions about what I am up to since I made the decision in June not to intern at UofA. Here’s a list outlining my post-grad life:

-Living at the parents’ house in OKC.

-Becoming a minimalist, one day at a time, mostly due to an insane lack of storage space at my house.

-Using a lot more gas to get around town. I miss the smallness of Stillwater whenever I am forced to fill up my tank.

-Applying for a lot of jobs and not getting any of them.

-Subbing for my old school district.

-Winning Pioneer Woman giveaways.

-Watching a lot of tv… Especially Bones and nature documentaries.

-Trying new churches. One was like a physical manifestation of a Tyler Perry movie soundtrack.

-Researching different grad programs so I can go back to school in Fall 2012.

-Realizing how expensive grad school is. Yowza.

-Studying for the GRE before I take it on the 27th. Gulp. If next Friday’s list consists of vocab words, you’ll know why.

Getting super excited for Fall season/series premiers. Don’t judge.

-Playing with the new puppy, Miss Gus Gus

If only I could get her to sleep the whole night through..

Have a lovely weekend! I’m hoping I can drag someone along to go see Lion King 3D, and maybe I’ll even attempt to make it out to the State Fair.


One comment on “Friday List: What I’ve Been Doing

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