Experiments in Minimalism: #1

Today started with Googling, “how to become a minimalist.”

I hear an adventure calling.

In the midst of moving out of my apartment and back in with my parents, I realized how much stupid stuff I own. If it takes four car loads and a medium sized trailer to move one little person, something isn’t right.

Really, a part of me had already sensed this fact further back. As I settled into my beloved Treehouse and accumulated more and more stuff, I could sense more stress and pressure while I was home than had been the case when I first moved in with relatively few belongings.

I appreciate the simplicity and serenity of minimalism.. Making everything count, and not wasting time or money on anything that doesn’t.. Applying an intentionality to every item and every moment. Perfect.

In my thorough research (i.e., the first 5 results of my google search), I found this little tidbit that stood out:

Throw away or sell one item every day.

A simple rule for a philosophy on being simple.. But I bet this one will get difficult after a while.  Especially since I’m going to take it to the next level for a while, and attempt to throw away 75% of a  drawer/box/shelf’s contents every day.

For my first experiment, I went for my huge armoire. I had already pared down much of its contents when I first moved back home, but it was getting borderline-explosive again. This time, I attempted to be merciless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I got rid of 50% of the armoire’s contents. Keeping in mind the huge amount that I had already thrown away back in June, I’m going to call this one a 75% success.


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