I hate making resolutions. They never last, they never work. (For me, at least.)

But this year (ugh), ideas and goals keep popping in my head. Not necessarily full-year challenges, more of a semester/pre-graduation type.

1. No more movies.

I think I’ve seen enough. What could I do with that amount of extra time?

2. No more fried food.

Again, I think I’ve had enough. How much healthier would I feel if I took everything fried out of my diet? This one actually intrigues me enough that I wish I had the willpower to see it through.

3. Never leave the kitchen dirty.

You know that little bit of marriage advice to never go to sleep angry? Well, I think my kitchen and I have a rocky relationship.

I’m still unsure if I’m going to see any of these through. But you never know… It IS a new year.


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This entry was posted on 1.2nd.11 by in Faith, Life.
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